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Contact our defense attorney today for assistance with obtaining a civil, domestic, or elder abuse restraining order in San Francisco and surrounding areas.

There are 3 types of restraining orders that Pelta Law can help you defend against:

1) Domestic Violence Restraining Orders also known as a DVRO hearing.  People who have been in a dating relationship are eligible to request one.  A DVRO can easily become a criminal case, often times the District Attorney’s Office may have a representative from the “Victim-Witness” section of the DA’s Office sit in the audience during the hearing and will take notes then forward it to a prosecutor to consider filing criminal charges.  Most people accused of DV think they can handle defending against one of these and they are usually wrong and pay the price.  Violating a DVRO is a crime and it does not take much to get one renewed even years later before it expires.  It is critical to hire an experienced attorney to defend you against such a request and accusation. 

2) Civil Harassment Restraining Order or CHRO.  It does not take much to lose one of these hearings and often times people who have been served a request for a CHRO do not appreciate how critical it is to get an experienced attorney to defend against one of these.  Often times someone will obtain one of these in order to bait the Defendant/Responding Party to violate the CHRO and then it is a crime.  This is why it is critical to hire an experienced attorney to defend you against such a request.

3) Elder Abuse Restraining Order or EARO is similar to a DVRO.  Similarly, it is best to have an experienced lawyer defend you against one of these requests because like a DVRO, this can easily become a criminal case, if you are not cautious and think you can represent yourself.


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