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General Legal Tips

Here are a few tips and things to be aware of:

For a Misdemeanor Charge:

  • Go to court 20 minutes before the time indicated on your summons or citation.
  • If you’re unsure on how to plea, ask the judge to reschedule your appearance, which will also allow you time to contact a lawyer.
  • A judge may sentence you at the time you plead guilty or reschedule the sentencing hearing.
  • Jail time usually begins when you are sentenced.
  • All fines are due soon after sentencing unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Defendants under the age of 18 must have a guardian with them at all court proceedings.
For a Felony Charge: 
  • Certain misdemeanors known as “wobblers” can be elevated to a felony status in California.
  • The California Penal section 667 Three Strikes felony law is still in effect regardless of prison overpopulation.
  • Defendants previously convicted of a misdemeanor who are then facing a felony crime can be given a harsher sentence. 
  • First time felonies are punishable by imprisonment for one year and sometimes for life!
  • A second felony conviction may result in a doubled prison sentence. 
  • The third conviction could end with 25 years to life imprisonment.
  • You have the right to contact or change an attorney throughout the entire court process.


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