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In short, yes.  Even attorneys need attorneys.

Your freedom is your life – don’t risk throwing it away.  Even if you have some legal knowledge, the prosecution has more and they will come at you from directions you hadn’t even considered.  There’s a reason the phrase: “anything you say can and will be used against you”, is included in the Miranda Rights – something you said could be taken out of context in order to make you look bad, and used to sway the jury against you.

Yes, in addition to giving free consultations, we also have solid rates that aren’t going to break the bank.

Do these things:

  • Find a lawyer who will go the extra mile for you.  If you get the feeling that they aren’t a fighter, find someone else.
  • Set up a face-to-face meeting with an attorney to discuss the situation. This will be better to get an idea of how dedicated they will be in taking care of your case.
  • Look at their years in practice.  A brand-new attorney might be alright for an easy-to-win case, but you should generally look for someone who has some serious experience in the field.

It is your future on the line, so be sure to hire someone you trust.

Three things:

  • Tell them not to answer any questions about the incident. They need to ask for an attorney immediately.
  • Contact a criminal defense lawyer in your county and explain the situation.
  • Call a bail bondsman to try to get them released.


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